I first met Kim when she was working with our Daughter. Our daughter had come to a new school district mid year due to a military move and we were unsure how she would handle the change. Kim was a part of her team from 7th grade till the time she graduated HighSchool. Kim is an exceptional IEP advocate and quite inspirational and an ethical human being. Her vast knowledge and special education expertise are only rivaled by her compassion & perspective in what is truly best for your child. Kim always asked relevant and appropriate questions, gave me options and examples that we might what to try for our daughter. She knew what our daughter needed and ALWAYS put her first! She always had a way to help everyone navigate the waters and understand how our daughter learns. She never gave up on her and never let the team, teachers or school give up on her either. Thank you, Kim, for the impact you have made on my family and countless others!