Cultivating positive
educational relationships

We are advocates.
We are mentors.
We are partners.

Advocacy Behavior Consulting

We are advocates. We are mentors. We are partners. We are here to walk alongside you to navigate the exceptional education process together! It is vital for you to feel like an equal and confident member of the school team as well as to cultivate positive relationships with the school team. Under IDEA, parents must approve specific actions before the school can act on them.

Our certification & memberships include:
Certified with NASET -National Association of Special Education Teachers
Membership of APBS – The Association for Positive Behavior Support
Membership with – Autism Society Central Virginia


Our Services


Your Partner. Throughout the process, we will actively help you advocate for your child’s rights, resolve disputes, and cultivate positive relationships with the school team to secure the best possible education for your child.


Conducting Behavior Assessments and the development of Intervention Plans to identify the individualized positive behavioral interventions and supports to address the behaviors that interfere with the student’s learning and assist students in successfully navigating the school environment.


Your Mentor. Through the process, we prepare and empower you to better advocate for your child without the additional expense of having an advocate present for every meeting. 


My husband and I hired Kimberly Ward Advocacy to help us resolve a standoff between the school division where my son attends school and us as parents.   The school division was denying our son his right to a Free Appropriate Public Education.   The school division gave our son excessive punishments for behaviors that were related to his medical diagnosis of ADHD which resulted with MDR meetings and the denial of Special Education services.  The school division created behavior plans that we were given no input into.   Ms. Ward stood beside us at each meeting making sure federal and state regulations were followed.   Ms. Ward thoroughly prepared herself for all meetings.   Ms. Ward has a complete understanding of the regulations.   We are grateful for her services and the time she spent with us and are sure we will continue using her services as our son continues his adventure through the high school years.

L. Cash

Mrs. Kim is amazing. My son Damian was diagnosed with adhd in kindergarten. She taught me throughout the years how to be my child’s voice & advocate for him. She helped me find resources in my state and town for him at school. With her help I was able to get him an IEP plan along with other resources including counseling to teach us both about his diagnosis and different things we could do to help him. I am forever thankful for her! She is amazing with our youth!

A. Hale

I first met Kim when she was working with our Daughter. Our daughter had come to a new school district mid year due to a military move and we were unsure how she would handle the change. Kim was a part of her team from 7th grade till the time she graduated HighSchool. Kim is an exceptional IEP advocate and quite inspirational and an ethical human being. Her vast knowledge and special education expertise are only rivaled by her compassion & perspective in what is truly best for your child. Kim always asked relevant and appropriate questions, gave me options and examples that we might what to try for our daughter. She knew what our daughter needed and ALWAYS put her first! She always had a way to help everyone navigate the waters and understand how our daughter learns. She never gave up on her and never let the team, teachers or school give up on her either. Thank you, Kim, for the impact you have made on my family and countless others!

Tricia H.

Kim was a light in a dark tunnel. Our daughter had just been diagnosed and we were in the midst of setting up her first IEP. It kind of felt like a what now moment, and we weren’t exactly sure the best way to advocate for our little girl. Kim took the time to go through her IEP, explain to us how the process works, and she made sure we understood how our daughter’s services would work. Kim calmed our nerves, walked us through the process, and encouraged us. Our daughter is now a well adjusted high schooler who knows she is so much more than a diagnosis. Thank you Kim!

R. Clark

I have worked with Kim both professionally as a colleague and personally as a mom to a daughter with DS. She puts the student first and displays compassion with both the client and their parents. Kim has experience with a variety of situations and works thoroughly and efficiently to resolve concerns. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to SPED regulations and can advocate effectively for your student to achieve success!

L. Palmer

Mrs. Ward has made a huge impact on my family for the past 6 years. She has a way of making us feel at ease during the challenging moments while advocating for the needs of my son so he could thrive in school emotionally and mentally.

T. Long

Kim is a true advocate for children with disabilities. She is passionate in her belief that all students should learn in their least restrictive environment. She is knowledgeable in special education laws and how schools interpret those laws. Kim utilizes data to guide parents and school staff in ways that better support the student. She is an expert in behaviors which is the main reason schools displace students. Without her help and support my student would have received an increase in minutes in a self contained classroom.

A. Porter

Our family moved from Virginia Beach to New Kent in 2016. At that time, we had built a strong network in Virginia Beach so you can imagine the angst that came with moving to an entirely new area and school district. You see, my son, Collin, had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3 and began Early Intervention Services with the school, in addition to private Applied Behavioral Services, OT and Speech. We never thought we would build the same foundation we had Virginia Beach. Almost immediately, Kim came into our lives. Collin’s behaviors were too much for the school to handle and they needed help. Kim immediately became not only a key to supporting Collin with his behaviors in the school, but she became an advocate for our entire family. Never quick to judge and always willing to calmly listen and evaluate, Collin’s behaviors in the school began to disappear. Now we are in high school and excelling straight to a standard diploma in 4 years with very minimal refusal and a strong ability to self-advocate. Thank you for all you do for our family, Kim! We would not be where we are if not for you!

R. Spencer

We are advocates.

We are mentors.

We are partners.