Our family moved from Virginia Beach to New Kent in 2016. At that time, we had built a strong network in Virginia Beach so you can imagine the angst that came with moving to an entirely new area and school district. You see, my son, Collin, had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3 and began Early Intervention Services with the school, in addition to private Applied Behavioral Services, OT and Speech. We never thought we would build the same foundation we had Virginia Beach. Almost immediately, Kim came into our lives. Collin’s behaviors were too much for the school to handle and they needed help. Kim immediately became not only a key to supporting Collin with his behaviors in the school, but she became an advocate for our entire family. Never quick to judge and always willing to calmly listen and evaluate, Collin’s behaviors in the school began to disappear. Now we are in high school and excelling straight to a standard diploma in 4 years with very minimal refusal and a strong ability to self-advocate. Thank you for all you do for our family, Kim! We would not be where we are if not for you!